Grant Riveters has a variety of different riveting processes that lend themselves to a wide range of riveting applications. Our tools are precision made to provide you with perfect riveting! Grant is the founder of controlled riveting with patents dating back to 1860. We have been manufacturing Orbital tools since the early 20's and our other processes for even longer. Grant is also the founder of Impact riveting. We have extensive experience in all types of riveting processes available in the world today. Please click on the links below and download our current "Tools and the Processes" catalog to learn more about the Grant tooling techniques as shown above.

Orbital and Spin Riveting Processes

"Riveting Methods"

"Tools and the Processes"

"Impact Riveting" Coming Soon

"Squeeze Riveting" coming soon

"Staking" coming soon

"Blind Riveting" coming soon


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