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HyPower Portable Riveters

  • The HyPower portable riveter, teamed up with the HyPower Generator is the simple, fast, quiet and economical method of squeeze riveting.
  • HyPower portable riveters incorporate an alloy steel "C" frame, processed and heat treated to the exact standards essential to the superior performance of a quality HyPower unit.
  • The HyPower method of fast, silent, hydraulic squeeze riveting has become the accepted standard for hundreds of manufacturers  the world over.  Its high speed, automatic cycle, long service life, and push button control make it an extraordinary power source for riveting operations.


HyPower Custom Riveters

  • Our engineering staff can put over six decades of experience in HyPower hydraulic units to work for you.  For the really unusual riveting problem, this engineering service is available and ready to solve any unique production problems.

Custom Design Capabilities

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Alligator Style

Gooseneck Style

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Call with your application today!


Offset Style


Hy-Power De-Riveters

Efficiently remove badly squeezed rivets in seconds without damaging the work piece...

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How the De-Riveter works

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1. The locating sleeve on the ram is positioned over the manufactured rivet head.

2. The ram advances, bringing the C-frame anvil up against the plate with its U-slot surrounding the offset rivet head.  The ram continues advancing, punching out the rivet.

3. The ram returns, carrying the rivet head which is stripped from the punch when the ram is fully retracted.

HyPower Punches

Fast, reliable, portable and cost saving of up to 89% over drilling!

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Hydraulic Stripper Punch

Spring Stripper Punch

Fixed Stripper  Punch

Key Benefits

  • HyPower Punches are up to 11 times faster than drilling and up to 89% less in cost.   They come in models that punch up to 8 holes simultaneously - even through multiple thicknesses of steel and/or aluminum.
  • HyPower Punches operate at 5000 psi.  This silent and precise hydraulic operation gives you, burr free, undistorted holes, with no shock loading.
  • HyPower Punches leave easy-to-reclaim "slugs" instead of messy drill shavings.

HyPower Generators

One self contained compact unit combining - motor, pump, oil reservoir and control valves.

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HyPower Generator Models

  • Series "J" hydraulic pressure generators are available with three different pump and motor combinations, suitable for use on HyPower riveters, punches, and other units, up to 35 tons capacity.
  • Series "JL" hydraulic pressure generators are designed with larger tanks for reduced temperature operation in high cycle applications.  The "JL" is available in 35 ton and is standard for 50 ton models.
  • The larger "JB" series generators are available with two pump and motor combinations for applications ranging up to a maximum of 100 tons.
  • Series "K" & "KB" generators are identical to series "J" & "JB" except they incorporate a unique pressure control unit.   Used where a variety of rivet sizes are encountered and frequent pressure adjustments are essential, or where an extra-wide pressure range is desired.

HyPower Cylinders


Compact heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders specifically designed for 5000 psi service...

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Standard Specifications/Features

  • Bore sizes 2" to 7"
  • Hydraulic service to 5000 psi push/1000 psi pull with a design factor of 4:1
  • Heat Treated Alloy Steel Cylinder Body with a precision ground bore
  • Case hardened precision ground alloy steel piston rod
  • Heavy duty-long life cast iron piston rings
  • High strength alloy steel locking nut
  • Alloy steel-precision fit cylinder cap chrome plated on the I.D.
  • Available in several standard stroke lengths
  • Bronze gland with no-leak TS-2000 rod seal and double lip wiper

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