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  •  OrbitalRiveter.com posts new history page on its website. This is truly an historical event.

  •  OrbitalRiveter.com announces the ORBITFEED Riveting System. Standard automatic rivet-feed Orbital Riveter. More product riveted in less time and less money.


The new ORBITFEED riveting system feeds and fastens your rivets all in the same station. No need to transfer your product from station to station. This machine is offered in the following solid mild steel rivet diameter capacities; for 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 12mm and 16mm rivet  diameters.


Machinery features; automatic lubrication system to supply a precise amount of lubrication to the Twin Spin Roll forming dies each and every cycle, rivet to a precise back pressure, fasten rivets at different elevations, micrometer adjustment for the machine quill and PLC control if required. Automatic load of your rivets with the head up and the rivet or rivets are fastened automatically on the bottom side. This machine will complete one complete riveting cycle approximately in 1 to 2 seconds. 

An automatic rivet feed system is dependant upon the rivet style and length. Please inquire with Grant Inside Engineering and see how we can assist you with your application requirements.

  •  Grant Riveters increases Orbital Riveter Warranty to Two Years!

  •  Grant Riveters introduces Orbital Riveting Services to the aerospace and military industries. We specialize in all types of riveting. No project is too small or too big. Call us today to discuss your riveting needs at 800-227-2150.

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  •  Grant Riveters introduces Impact Riveters. The Grant Manufacturing and Machine Company is the world's oldest riveting machine tool builder and the inventor of the impact riveter. We stopped producing the impact riveter in 1919. We have the experience and now we offer the riveter!


  •  Grant Riveters introduces Hydraulic Squeeze Riveters for the Automotive Truck Industry. When the History Channel produced the documentary on "The Building of the Empire State Building" guess who they called? Yes, Grant Riveters. We also have a Bronze Medal for the building of the Panama Canal.

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  •  Grant Riveters offers low cost Drill Press & Milling Machine Riveting Kits. These riveting kits will allow you to get into production without the costs of purchasing a riveter. If you have a new product and or low production then you should consider our new riveting kits. When your production rises then purchase your riveter and mount your riveting kit into your riveter. This will allow you to get up and running and build as you go.



  •  Grant Riveters ONLINE STORE is now accepting all major credit cards - VISA, MASTER CARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS.



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"Riveting Methods" Assembly Magazine, January, 1992

"Named Connecticut's Oldest Machine Tool Builder" June, 1991

"Loose Rivets" Assembly Magazine, February, 2001

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