Grant Riveters offers several types of low cost riveting methods for heading and fastening tubular, semi-tubular and solid rivets in small diameters up to approximately 1/4 inch diameter.  If you have low production and require high quality fastened rivets then you should consider the Grant Drill Press Riveting Kit.

Drill Press and Milling Machine Riveting Kits - Rivet like the big guys do and rivet it yourself!

Key Benefits

  •  Low Initial Costs
  •  Fasten Rivets Like the Professionals Do
  •  Four Riveting Process - Orbital, Twin-Spin, Multi-Spin and Spin-Press Forming Technologies!
  •  Fast Cycle Rate
  •  Rivets Fastened with the Best Control
  •  Highest Cost Savings Compared to Any Other Riveting System!



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Current Pricing (as of Monday, 21 April 2008)

Drill Press / Milling Machine Riveting Kits Pricing

Description Model # Price US Anvil / Fixture


DP/M #1 $430.00 No / No
Twin-Spin DP/M #2 $805.00 Yes / No
Twin-Spin DP/M #3 $1,805.00 Yes / Yes
Orbital DP/M #4 $1,050.00 No / No
Orbital DP/M #5 $1,450.00 Yes / No
Orbital DP/M #6 $2,450.00 Yes / Yes
Multi-Spin DP/M #7 $3,650.00 No / No
Multi-Spin DP/M #8 Call Yes / Yes
Spin-Press DP/M #9 $225.00 No / No
Spin-Press DP/M #10 $495.00 No / No
Spin-Press DP/M #11 $625.00 Yes / No
Spin-Press DP/M #12 $895.00 Yes / No













Please ask for a drill press adapter at time of order. Adapters are made to fit your equipment. Please specify chuck or collets capacity at time of order. Adapters are priced separately and sold for US$ 150.00 each. A Grant Drill Press Riveting Kit is a great, low cost way to form your rivets with excellent results. We also offer a state of the art USA made drill press at a very low cost of US$ 810.00 plus shipping costs to your location.

Here is the best thing about our riveting kits. Buy the tooling, make great looking clinched rivets at a low start up cost and when your product takes off and you need to upgrade to an automatic pneumatic riveter, just transfer your drill press kit to your new riveting machine. There is no need to purchase more tooling. Keep your costs low and fasten rivets like the professionals!   We would be happy to assist you.  Call us today at 800-227-2150, 203-366-4558 or fax us at 203-366-0370. Email to sales@orbitalriveter.com.

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