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Grant Riveters is recognized as the foremost leading expert in the world today concerning riveting technology processes and forming techniques. Grant Multi-process Orbital Bench-Top Riveter.
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Pneumatic Bench-Top
Orbital Riveters
Model# Capacity Sale Price
003BT 3mm $  7595
005BT 5mm $  7995
008BT 8mm $  8995
012BT 12mm $11550
016BT 16mm $13500

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    Grant Hydro Pneumatic Presses offer the speed of pneumatics and the power of hydraulics. Our Cylinders and Presses are offered in a wide range of capacities and features. Our Presses are price completive and offer standard features that many other manufactures do not. End of stroke hard stops for advance and retract stroke, Fine .001" micrometer adjustable stroke for advance and retract stroke. Press to a depth or to a force or upgrade your system to Grant's digital 100% real-time inspection system with signature analysis. Monitor and output your data with full SPC capabilities.                                                                

The Grant Method is the “Tailor-Made” System of Fitting the Machine to the Job - rather than the common practice of attempting to fit the job to some standard stock model Riveter. For that reason the comprehensive Grant line includes all of the recognized methods of Riveting, including Orbital, Automatic rivet-feed ORBITFEED® Riveters, Spinning, Automatic rivet-feed Impact Riveters, Hydraulic C-Frame Truck Chassis Squeeze Riveters, Blind and Press type, in both single and multiple spindles; our Riveters and Presses are offered in Pneumatic, Pneumatic Oil Intensified, Hydraulic and Servo-Electric models. Special designs to order. Also Manufacturers of Pneumatic-Oil Intensified Cylinders, Pneumatic-Oil Intensified Punching Systems, Automatic Chamfering and Threading Machines, Tube Sealing, Special Machines, Low Cost Hand Fed Impact Riveters and Drill Press/Milling Machine Multi-process Riveting Kits.

Grant Riveters is famous for its ability to solve difficult application riveting problems.


We specialize as Riveting Consultants worldwide, Orbital Riveting Services and Proto-typing product development Services. To view any of the systems on this page, please go to products and follow the appropriate links. For personalized service please call our President, Mr. Bruce W. McNaughton direct at 800-227-2150 or 203-366-4558 so the Grant team can start assisting you today!


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