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"Grant" manufactures' riveters with pneumatic, hydraulic and servo-electric actuation. Click on the links above to go to the specific type riveter you are interested in. Once you enter you will be able to select which type of actuation you prefer. Typically pneumatic riveters are the most popular and fit most application requirements, hydraulic riveters are selected when an application requirement requires more force than a pneumatic riveter can offer and the servo-electric riveter riveter is selected when price is not the main concern but when quality in riveting can not be compromised.
  •  Advantage #1

Our riveters will fasten your product to a precision depth or pressure. Our competitors only offer you a very costly package when you want to fasten your rivets to a pressure. Grant Riveters will offer you our proprietary "EOS" (End Of Stroke) pressure system that allows rivets to be fastened to 4-psi at a cost of 1,395 dollars. Ask how much their system is $13,000, $15,000 or $18,000?

  •  Advantage #2

Grant Riveters can also offer you our 100% Real-Time Inspection and SPC Data Collection System that will allow you to determine good parts from bad parts as you rivet. Our product is a state-of-art digital system capable of monitoring the signature from each riveting cycle. We can determine if you have the correct rivet hardness, correct stack-up height, if all the parts are assembled correctly and even determine if your orbital peen is worn out. Our system is so simple with full SPC capabilities and Ethernet monitoring and support. This system has a starting cost of 9,350 dollars.

  •  Advantage #3

Every "Grant" riveter shipped includes our proprietary Advanced Hard Coated Tooling which is unique to us. No other competitor will offer this type of tooling to you because they want you to purchase lots of their tools. "Grant" has worked endlessly to develop a coating that is durable and advanced. Our hard coated tooling will increase your tool life from five to ten times over the standard life of a non-coated peen tool.

  •  Advantage #4

Every "Grant" riveter includes either a two or three year factory warranty. Why a three year warranty versus a two year warranty. All "Grant" Hydraulic or Servo-Electric riveters include an unprecedented three year warranty and all pneumatic riveters include our two year warranty. This is our standard! Is it theirs?

  •  Advantage #5

The "Grant" riveter is manufactured with the highest quality products available in the world today! We use only readily available products found everywhere in the world. This allows you to find replacement parts from your local suppliers at the least cost. We hand scrape all machine surfaces and hard chrome many of the internal components to ensure minimal wear.

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